Synopsis: Three years after moving to Tokyo, Itou Kaiji is a bum wasting his life away on cheap liquor and cheap gambles. His dull world is turned upside-down when he is paid a visit by a man named Endou, a loan shark coming to collect on a loan Kaiji once co-signed as a favor to a friend. He learns his friend defaulted on the 3 million yen loan and the responsibility now falls to Kaiji! Broke and desperate, Kaiji's one ray of hope is a unique proposition from the shady loan shark...


Kaiji Itou is a young man, who moved to Tokyo after graduating from High School, but he was unable to get a job and spent his days drinking, gambling and stealing emblems from luxuries cars. One day he is visited by a Loan Shark Endou Yuuji to inform Kaiji that Furuhata, One of Kaiji´s worker from a part time job, had disappeared. And that he cosigned Furuhata´s loan and Kaiji has to pay the Debt which is around 3,850,000 yen. Endou tells Kaiji that he will spent ten years to pay the debt, because of the 30% interest. But he offers Kaiji a chance to change his life in participating in a gambling event that will take place in a ship called Espoir.

After tricking Kaiji into participating, Kaiji accepts and goes to the Espoir. Inside, Kaiji arrives to see people like him. The persons in charge of the events informs the participants that in order to enter the game, the players have to borrow from 1 million to 10 million yen to use in the game. Players need to return with a 1.5% interest rate every 10 minutes which equals 40 million in 4 hours (the game period). The players are furious at first, but everyone relunctually accepts. After seeing a man named Funai borrowing 10 million, Kaiji borrows the same amount of loan.

All the players gather around the hall where the game will take place. Yukio Tonegawa, the host of the game arrives and every player receives 3 stars and 12 cards and there are shock to discover that the cards have rocks, scissors and papers. Tonegawa informs everyone that the game they will be playing is Restricted Rock, Scissors, Paper.