The following is a list of episodes in Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor and Kaiji: Against All Rules

Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor Edit

Departure Edit

Three years after moving to Tokyo, Itou Kaiji is a bum wasting his life away on cheap liquor and cheap gambles. His dull world is turned upside-down when he is paid a visit by a man named Endou, a loan shark coming to collect on a loan Kaiji once co-signed as a favor to a friend. He learns his friend defaulted on the 3 million yen loan and the responsibility now falls to Kaiji! Broke and desperate, Kaiji's one ray of hope is a unique proposition from the shady loan shark...

Open Fire Edit

Boarding the ship of hope, the Espoir, Kaiji prepares to play a unique game called "Restricted Rock-Paper-Scissors." The MC, Tonegawa, explains that everyone is given twelve cards and three stars. If you can play all twelve cards and keep three stars, you may leave the ship with your debt forgiven, but fail and a fate worse than death awaits...

Game Edit

Kaiji, his old friend Furuhata and newcomer Andou band together to try and conquer the Espoir with the power of teamwork. Kaiji devises a strategy for victory, but when Andou makes a move on his own, will Kaiji cast him aside?

Failure Edit

Trapped in the depths of despair after getting tricked, Kaiji meets up with his former coworker that got him into debt, Furuhata. He isn’t mad at him, and teams up with him. He then looks and finds another person to join their teamed named Andou, who is also in a tight spot. Andou decides to backstab them, but Kaiji doesn't let this affect him and he comes up with another plan to win, but first, they need to bait someone into a trap in order to get more stars for the group.

Deadly Decision Edit

[Somebody else can finish this; I'm literally just getting the episode titles / descriptions off of Crunchyroll. Like it's not hard but Lord is it tedious]

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