Hiromitsu Ishida

Yumi Ishida

Hiromitsu Ishida (石田 広光) is the son of Koji Ishida whom Kaiji meets working in the underground labor camp paying off the ¥3 million debt he accumulated.

He resents his father for his current situation, not knowing the sacrifice his father had made at trying to get them out of debt.


Tobaku Hakairoku Kaiji

Kaiji first encounters him in the underground labor camp while serving in the sickbay. Hiromitsu calls him out as he recognized him as the savior of his father from the Espoir. Showing resentment towards his father for his current situation, Kaiji scolds him for this and leaves him behind.

They hardly speak to each other after the encounter. Hiromitsu is seen as an onlooker to Kaijis gambles throughout the arc continually failing to see what his father saw in Kaiji.

After Kaiji defeats the Bog, with the remaining money Kaiji has he pays off Hiromitsus debt, fulfilling the promise Kaiji made with his father.

He is the only person from the underground labor camp who manages to leave who is not part of the 45ers.



  • In the live action film adaptation of the series, he does not make an appearance but is instead replaced by Yumi Ishida, a film only character.