Makoto Sahara (佐原 誠) is Kaiji and Nishio's coworker at the convenient store who wants to earn money to "get his big shot" at life.


Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji

Kaiji first encounters him while working at a convenient store trying to pay back his debt. After Kaiji quits his job, he begins to follow him.

When he first meets Endō while hanging around Kaiji he begs him to permit him to participate in the unknown gamble being presented to Kaiji, despite warnings from Kaiji.

Sahara's youthful strength and impulsiveness benefit him greatly in the gamble, and he gets a strong lead on the other racers, earning first place in Kaiji's block and receiving a certificate redeemable for ¥20 million.

In the second leg of the race, Sahara is the first to reach the other side of the second bridge - however, before he can cash his earnings from the Starside Hotel, he falls into a trap set up by Kazutaka Hyōdō and is killed.