Restricted Rock, Paper, Scissors (限定ジャンケン) is a gamble using cards and is the first gamble Kaiji participates in.

The game featured in the gambling tournament the first night Kaiji spends on Espoir, with an average survival rate of 50%.

A video game called Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji was created based on this gamble. It also appears in the Sakai Burai Kaiji: Death or Survival video game.


The rules were outlined after the issuing of war funds, which were done a minimum of ¥1,000,000 and ¥10 million. The money was in effect a loan, equaling the debt of the contestant and compounded at 1.5% every ten minutes for the four-hour voyage; contestants who hold onto their funds for the length of the trip would have to pay 140% of what they invested, thus putting an incentive to finish games early. Money that exceeded the amount needed to repay the loan to the Espoir hosts would be pocketed by the contestant.

This gamble is similar to the original game but with a twist - the hand gestures are represented by cards, and contestants are given four cards each with the same gesture for a total of twelve. Contestants are also given three plastic stars as collateral to bet on each round of play - whenever one loses a round, the winner gets a star from the loser. To survive the night, contestants must maintain their three star pendants and lose all of their gesture cards. Cards cannot be destroyed or thrown away, to do so is subject to instant disqualification.

Due to the simple nature of the game, single matches can be completed within ten seconds, and players can win or lose in a matter of minutes. Winners are allowed to go upstairs, where any extra star pendants are exchanged for cash and they lounge in a small cafe. In the event of a loss, individuals are taken to away to a back room by blacksuits.


Every participant receives twelve cards: 4 Rocks, 4 Papers and 4 Scissors, along with three stars which represents their lives on the game. 2 persons will face each other and will gamble their stars, each battle has three phases:

  • Check, when the players select their cards.
  • Set, the players place their cards upside down on the table
  • Open, when the players reveal their cards.

The winner of the match receives the stars from the loser, but if the match ends in a tie, the stars will go back to their respective owners. Once the match is done, the players will dispose their cards on the table. In order to win the game, one must have used all of their cards and have a minimum of three stars.

If one lose their three stars or fail to use all of their cards, they will be sent to a room where they will be stripped from their clothes and possibly sent to work as slaves for Teia. After you win by having used all of your cards and having three stars or more, the players will go upstairs to pay their debts with their stars. In case of having extra stars, the players will be given the option of selling their stars to people who need them the most, or exchanging their stars for money and be in a room with food and beverages.

Before the start of the event, all the players must a loan from ¥1 million to ¥10 million that will be used in a game, there´s a 1.5% interest rate every 10 minutes, which equals up to ¥40 million in 4 hours. This gives everyone a reason to finish the game early. The money can be used to buy stars, or more cards. Some people will fail to pay their debts both in the ship and outside the ship, which leads to some persons to come back to the event and used their knowledge in order to win the game. Those people are called “Repeaters”.

Once the 4 hours have passed, the persons with less than three stars will have their chance to buy stars. Everyone have 10 minutes to buy or sell stars. The maximum price of the stars is ¥5 million, but everyone can negotiate the price. However, the participants will be given the option to save a person from the other room and you need to have three stars in order to buy the freedom of a person.


  • In order to participate in the game, you must take a loan that will be offered before the event.
  • You have to get rid of your cards through a series of matches. You can sell your cards for money, but you can’t get rid of your cards by breaking, burning or flushing them away.
  • Any act of violence will not be tolerated.
  • No one can interfere with the matches.
  • Once you have placed your cards on the table, you cannot change your decision.
  • Some things like shuffling cards are allowed in the event.



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