Sophie (ソフィー) is the late wife of Hyōdō and the mother of Kazuya Hyōdō and Kazuki Hyōdō.

She is a foreigner with brown hair and could not speak Japanese fluently. Unlike Hyōdō, she was light heartened and cared for her children. She was one of the few people who could speak to Hyōdō freely during the time when he was younger (age 65).


Not much is known about her history except that she gave birth to Kazuya at the age of 36 and at 43, she tragically died from a traffic accident while driving her sports car.

Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji: One Poker-hen

She is briefly shown in flashbacks towards the end of One Poker when Kazuya began thinking back at his childhood to a specific event that changed his life.

While the family was on a yacht, a wave suddenly hit knocking Kazuya and Kazuki both from the boat. Due to a string of bad luck, Sophie only noticed and rescued Kazuki not realizing Kazuya was also knocked off due to his position on the boat when the wave hit. Instead of rescuing Kazuya herself, the family maid noticed him missing and rescued him instead.

Believing that Sophie only cared for Kazuki, he felt heart broken after the event and it greatly affected his personality from there on after. Due to the resentment he felt when remembering the event, it seems he never managed to forgive her.

As Kazuya was falling she is briefly shown again in flashbacks as Kazuya remembers the better times they spent together.



  • The computer used in One Poker may be named after her.